2020.05.20 MASAMITSU™ has started selling thermal cameras. 
2019.11.01 MASAMITSU™ has moved ShenZhen factory to Masamitsu build in Miyazaki.
2019.08.01 MASAMITSU™ has moved Head Quater Office to Minami Miyazaki.
2017.05.12 MASAMITSU™ adds Mono&Polycryatalline solar module.
Polycryatalline 315W-325W: UL-315P-72
Monocryatalline 325W-335W: UL-325M-72
2015.03.16 MASAMITSU™ adds
Security Camera System for Mega Solar Plant.
2015.02.18 MASAMITSU™ adds BNC Connector 5CFB
2015.01.07 You can watch our Mega Solar Farm by through Masamitsu Hivision Camera System.
Horizon Mega Solar Farm Live Camera
2014.01.08 MASAMITSU™ adds HD-SDI camera DONT MISS IT!
2013.10.15 MASAMITSU™ soon to unveil its latest, HDFDI DVR・HDFDI camera. DONT MISS IT!
2013.10.15 MASAMITSU™ adds HDSDI DVR 4ch・8ch・16ch(BNC) DONT MISS IT!
2013.11.12 MASAMITSU™ exhibit at the Eco Light Tech Asia 2013
(No.C155) Nov 13-15th
2013.01.24 MASAMITSU™ exhibit at theGuangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2013
2012.09.18 IP cameras with 2 megapixels and 5-megapixels.